Get to know more about me

Lambros Stravelakis – 2016

Hello, my name is Lambros and I am the founder of nextcoral.com .

I live in Athens Greece and I have 2 jobs, I own and run a reflexology school and I am a Career Coach.

My love of corals started in 2005 when my brother, Argyris, set up his reef aquarium. A predator tank with even a showpiece sized lionfish!

Within a year or so I had a freshwatertank that lasted for 2 years and in 2008 went to soft corals. Soft corals are my love!

My tank 2008-2015

And my new Waterbox 220.6 :


If you want to contribute, we would love to have you! There are 5 ways you can contribute:

  1. Gift us full rights of some of you best photoes of corals.
  2. Collect and review research papers on corals that are common in our hobby.
  3. Help us with coding our next steps in Next Coral.
  4. Finance any of the above.
  5. Propose something else that you will be part of the volunteer group making it a reality!