artemia sera

Artemia – Sera mix

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3 mins read

Just after cycling my tank, in August 2021, my temperatures were sky high. I reeeeeeaaaaallllyyyyyy wanted to add some life in though!

After bargaining with myself with “heavy duty” corals and fish I decided to a more prodent course. I am adding micro life. Phytoplankton, Copepods, and Artemia.

Check out the links for the other two, here is the artemia story!

sera artemia

The Sera Mix

I got 2 envelopes, one I just chucked in the tank,,,, a  bit stupid, I know… the other one I followed the instructions to the letter.

500ml of filtered water (it says tap), and aeration. I used the same system of aeration with the Phyto, in a Pepsi 1.5lt bottle and 36 hours later (it says 24) it was mostly done.

I checked with my headgear magnifying glass and I could see them clearly with x25 magnification.

1/3 of it I chucked in the display tank, and the rest in an 8lt tiny tank, with aeration and light, to grow them further feeding them spirulina powder.


The 8lt Tank

Well this is what it looked like in the beginning… as times goes by I will add more info/photos etc.


artemia sera

Free floating in the 220 gallon tank!

Update 2 weeks later

Well, thing not going as well as hoped.

The plankton cultures were overfed with spirulina powder, and crashed. I tried it again but forgot to acclimate the temperature of the copepods (fridge to tank) so…. you know….

The phyto in the bottles may be going well, it is a yellowish green color now after 2 weeks of being clear.

In the display tank I had to start the skimmer in the main tank, that killed 99% of the zooplankton.

I believe that the main mistake is creating this culture in an empty new tank. It prompted a second cycle (my NO2 and NO3 are thought the roof) and because of the summer heat I have not added anything else live.

I will do this again, once I have at least 20 mouths to feed (corals/inverts/fish). There will be an update!

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