Purple Monster Variant Zoa | 3 better differences

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This normally is a large zoa, with a green short and stubby green skirt. It can extend its length in low light situations. Its disk is purple and monocromally stripped. My Purple Monster Variant has a pointy skirt, and the disk is a bit more reddish. My Purple Monster Variant: Sources https://reefs.com/magazine/identify-this-zoanthids/

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Lord of the Rings Zoanthus – Best Caring tips (1 LOR)

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Lord of the Rings might be a book or a movie to some, but for reefers and zoa gardeners is a Zoanthid most special! Its characteristics are (in tag form so that you can find other corals with similar characteristics) My Lord of the Rings Zoanthus: From my very short experience with them they seem to need medium light, not much of flow, and they are always open and happy. What is your experience? Comment below with a link to your tank and we will add your experience to this page referencing you. Bibliography https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/zoanthid-paly-spotlight-lord-of-the-ring-lotr.92812/

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The 5 Best Secrets to Growing Zoas

3 mins read

I was watching the video on growing Zoas from Fragbox Corals , and I was inspired to make a directory of all the zoas I have ever grown with my understanding of care tips for them. Zoas (Zoantharia also called Zoanthidea or Zoanthiniaria) is the catchall term used for our secret hunt today! I plan to group them all in the way this video suggests, according to their fisual features, and see what kind of results we can derive! I will also use online data if care tips for a particular strain is given. Criteria So! Here we go! Zoas

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