Reef Safer Ideology – Better get 1!

6 mins read

Ethics in the reefer community take many issues in hand. See more on treating your fellow reefers in the Reefer Safe post (soon to come). There are 4 ways we need to see this Reef Safer Ideology: Care for the wild reef Care for the introduction of non-local species Curate artificial reefs for the industry Create “non-wild” reef production lines Care for animals that are abandoned (tank tear-downs) Care responsibly for our own tanks Be fossil fuel energy conscious I know… it is a lot! Let us unpack this “reef safer ideology” – one by one and step by step.

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The perfect LFS! Local Coral Shop

1 min read

We as customers have a huge responsibility to come together and ask what we need! We need a quarantine service. So that we “rent” a tank in the LFS for a month, and pay the people there to do the medication regiment. I imagine that this should not cost more than 50€ per month for a small tank fitting 2-3 fish. A dipping and packing area for new corals. For us to use, or for us to observe the LFS doing it. We need to able to place long term orders, with email alerts of when the thing we wanted

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