clove polyp clavularia sp

Clavularia Sp. – Clove polyp – Pipe/Palm coral

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The Clavularia Sp. – Clove polyp is an encrusting polyp that is easy to prune and propagate. I comes in several colors, some have fluorescence.

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Most are a variation of pink and blue colors. The pink ones, like the one on the top pic, and the one right below is the one I got in November 2021. It happens to have 2 fluorescent colors, green in the middle and orange at the tips.

The blue clove has smaller polyps, is duller and grows faster.


These Clavularia Sp. – Clove polyp have “hairy” tentacles. This gives the entire shape of the colony a furry look from a distance. You might see tentacles reaching out, this is how they spread. They can spread out on coarse sand, rubble, rock, dead coral or even flat surfaces. Ideal for the back pane of my tank!

Each polyp is usually no wider than an inch, blue ones may be half that.

clove polyp clavularia sp
clove polyp clavularia sp

Up close

You can see the clear structure of both the polyp and the featherlike appendages it has.

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clove polyp clavularia sp



This coral needs its peace and quiet. A slow current is best, it will tolerate near stagnant current and medium flow. For anything other than slow flow or less it will take a few days to open up, and the fluorescence will be partially hidden.

Clavularia Sp. – Clove polyp – Pipe/Palm coral


Dura does not need much light. If acclimated to non-harsh light , it will tolerate it. Low and non-reef lights are also possible, if not perfect.


Due to the tiny size of the mouth, I cannot expect it to feed much other than from the light and suspensions. Intentional dusting or just whatever it comes by.


Clavularia Sp. – Clove polyp expands in all directions. It looks like a mat, that is not too difficult to take apart. If it cannot attach to anything very close by, it will grow appendages to reach out. In my specimen I could see 1-2 inch such reaching out.


Very easy. Just pull it from where it is glued on and cut with a scalpel. Clean cuts are best of course and tearing should be avoided. To unglue mine from its plug, before I added it to the tank, I put the scalpels dull edge to push it away from the plug. It took less than a minute.

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