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How to increase a 4.5 KH to 9 (Baked soda solution)

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1 min read

For some weird reason, before any corals started to consume my KH , my tank‘s KH tanked! Pun intended 🙂

I used Tropic Marin Pro salt and have a salinity of 33. I was supposed to have a HK of 7-8, but ended up with 4.5 .

So i went online and found a recipe from Melev and a calculator from JDieCK.

I bought Pharmaceutical  grade Sodium Bicarbonate and put it my oven for an hour -preheated to 150 degrees Celsius. Baked soda -soda ash made!

I mixed the result with RO water. 120grams for 1.5liters (a Pepsi max bottle -easy to mix) and within 8 days I added it to my tank. Initially I wanted to add just 1 litre, but the results in my tank were lower than the calculator said they would be.

Problem fixed! Baked Soda made!

And at the same time my PH went from 7,5 to 8.3 🙂

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