maxspect gyre 350

Maxspect Gyre Duo 350 – Eventful

2 mins read
2 mins read

For my Waterbox 220.6 tank I wanted flexibility in the way I circulate water. Getting this set, basically triple of what I need, I can work under any conditions. Even if one of the breaks down.

maxspect gyre 350And it came broken. One of the 2 never worked. I suspect it worked for a second or two, but I was watching it out of the corner of my eye while I was trying to set up the ICV6- the wifi controller for these things.

I had my LFS guy for a house visit, he looked at it and took it with him to send to the company. For some reason I do not understand he sent it back to me to re-check the rechecks he did and now I have to sent it to him again to send to maxspect.

The point is that I have the other one working at 50% and it is doing fine.

I will update this when maxspect responds to the problem.

maxspect gyre 350 30mm magnet

In addition to this I bought the extra strong magnets. I got them from an online shop aquatic marine or something like that.

They mess up the order and sent me another copy of the original magnets…. which work, just like the ones I already have, but I want the extra security.

My glass is 19mm, and the original ones are rated up to 20mm in some places and 17 in others. They hold… but not very securely.

I have been waiting for the corrective replacement for more than 2 weeks now, but it is not urgent. Soooo this has been eventful.

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