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Reef Safer Ideology – Better get 1!

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6 mins read

Ethics in the reefer community take many issues in hand. See more on treating your fellow reefers in the Reefer Safe post (soon to come).

There are 4 ways we need to see this Reef Safer Ideology:

  1. Care for the wild reef
  2. Care for the introduction of non-local species
  3. Curate artificial reefs for the industry
  4. Create “non-wild” reef production lines
  5. Care for animals that are abandoned (tank tear-downs)
  6. Care responsibly for our own tanks
  7. Be fossil fuel energy conscious

I know… it is a lot!

Let us unpack this “reef safer ideology” – one by one and step by step.

1. Care for the wild reef

What can we call the wild reef? Well let us start with common sense, and then ask for professionals to reign us in.

The wild reef is any part of our oceans that have, or have had in recent decades, a high biodiversity that include Anthozoa.

We can do this using our wallet and using our vote.

Using our wallet

we can buy only from responsible vendors, and donate to on-site curators of reefs.

Responsible vendors:

  • Fish vendors rated by Humble Fish
  • (Comment below extra links , with the level of checkup you personally have made on them. If you have not researched them, we will.)

A few examples of on-site curators you can donate:

Using our vote

we can do even more. It has become more important to unite before we use our vote. This is an issue that hurts allot but we need to tackle it as soon as possible. If the tobacco industry can unite to lobby, so can we (! or ?) .

2. Care for the introduction of non-local species

This is real battle! Most hobbyists do not understand the damage we are capable of making. The internationalization of trade and huge ships with ballasts dillutes our responsibilities, but it does not exonerate us.

I believe we can do better, upto and including a licence to create a livingroom reef. Like a hunter needs to know some things about his impact on the environment before he gets a hunting license, so should we.

If this looks too limiting, we can have licensed and unlicensed reefs. The people with licensed reefs can have access to a greater variety of life.

3. Curate artificial reefs for the industry

This needs some patience before it can happen. But we should be able to push for a new kind of industry, where the coral hunters in the wild reef can only get mother colonies for their company’s artificial reef.

We can support such businesses that follow the reef safer ideology with free advertising today!

We also need to push for the tourism industry to adopt a similar view. In the future a marine biologist should be necessary to accompany a reef visitor (industry or tourism). Something like a diving ranger.

4. Create “non-wild” reef production lines

Let’s start supporting frag tanks!

Let’s start supporting growout tanks in LFSs

Let’s be truly supporting to companies like Tidal Gardens, ORA and WWC. Low cost ads in forums, Give them leading roles in the industry even if they do not want them.

5. Care for animals that are abandoned (tank tear-downs)

Everyone needs to come together to rehome the fish coral and inverts of a tank tear down. A reef safer ideology cannot work without this!

This should be the easiest thing of all, but is not. The price of the animal you will get will always be very low, and the culture of pet rescue should be able to support us.

6. Care responsibly for our own tanks

Well this is a big discussion, but we should not be cavallier with the health of our tanks.

I think of it as baby-safing our house -i.e. no spraying in the tank room.

And researching everything to find “good practises”.

7. Be fossil fuel energy conscious

Do I need to go into this? We guzzle watts as if there is no tomorow! And there might not be one.

I chose a 100% green energy bill, others chose carbon offset.

Is all this enough for a reef safer ideology?

This is the wrong time for this question. Until we do all of the above we cannot be bogged down to details!

Please write what you want differently, if there is a document like this elsewhere, this you want includes etc.

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