Sinularia Dura - Cabbage leather coral

Sinularia Dura – Cabbage leather coral (I got this 1 for free!)

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The Sinularia Dura is one of the oldest corals in our hobby. It is sometimes mixed up with Sinularia Brassica, that looks almost the same , but has some ninger like structures within the “leaves”” that are the main attraction of the original cabbage leather coral.


Most are a variation of pink and brown colors. But in the hobby you will see greens and blues at plenty. Some vivid Greens come into play.

It is interesting to see the difference in color from the leaf to the polyp. Some individuals have bright white polyps that look leary amazing even in a brown specimen!

Sinularia Dura - Cabbage leather coral brassica


Dura looks like severa leaves growing from the ground, maybe a bit like the Maitake mushrooms.

At several points within the leave and all around its edge you will see its polyps. leaves can be as small as 1-2cm and it is not rare in the wild to see 30cm long leaves.

Sinularia Dura - Cabbage leather coral

Up close

In the photo you can see how Tidal gardens have captured tis polyps. It is not clear to us if it is a Brassica or a Dura, but they look very much alike from up close.

Sinularia Dura - Cabbage leather coral brassica



This coral needs its peace and quiet. A slow cuttent is best, it will tolerate near stagnant current and medium flow.

Sinularia Dura - Cabbage leather coral


Dura does not need much light. If acclimated to non-harsh light , it will tolerate it. Low and non-reef lights are also possible, if not perfect.


Due to polyp size , very fine foods are probably possible. We have not found yet an adequately supported opinion on this.


Dura grows in a way that looks something between pedal laceration and encrusting. It expands its attachment to the rock and later separate.


Dura is durable! You can cut it as  has long each piece as several polyps on it.  Like all leather corals it resists glueing to rocks, so elastic bands or low flow enclosures with rubble are good solutions. See my pics.

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