Tilt my reef lights – Yes or NO (2POVs)

Tilt my reef lights – Yes or NO (2POVs)

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5 mins read

Yes, I tilt my lights!

This was my final decision on my 220.6 Waterbox. Tilt them, tilt my lights well and good!

My main reason was that I wanted to enjoy my tank from my couch that is 6 feet away, and I usually slouch or lie in it. (Huge couch – amazing comfort!) But let’s see all the PROs for tilting my lights!

Tilt my reef lights – Yes or NO (2POVs)

No I will never tilt my lights!

I usually play it safe. I try to walk the road most traveled.

This is what straight light positioning is. Safe and usual. Well, if you cannot guess what I would chose, then I am going to have to re-introduce myself some time!

Tilt my reef lights –NO

PRO list – to tilt my lights

  1. Blinding light. Even with recessed led lights, these are powerful mfs. They will blind you momentarily if you stare at them, and I am sure if you over-do it there might be medical eye problems.
    • If they are hanged high and if they are not recessed the issue will not go away, it will just be lessened.
    • I use the Maxspect Marine RSX  , they have a recess with each led with their “reflector”, and they have a shader on each long side.
  2. Life in the back pane. I plan to grow corals on my back pane – the glass on the back of my tank. This is usualy a low light area, even shaded or dark. The usual light absorbing black tint does not help, and especially close to the surface there hardly is any PAR. Tilting changes that. You can basicaly grow anything on it, depending of your general care but these are some choices:
    • Coraline algea – most sought out pinks in the reef hobby. I perosonaly do not particularly care for it, but it is considered an indicator of good health in a young tank
    • Green Star Polyps – GSP and the like (Pachyclavularia violacea, Erythropodium caribaeorum, Briaerum stechei )
    • Clove polyps – Ohhhh the colors! I love them, they are my chosen ones!
    • Encrusting SPSs – too many to mention, and the most demanding in light requirements, but, if you can grow them on your  bare bottom tank floor, you can grow them under tilted lights on the back pane.
  3. Algae in the front pane . Ok this is a good one! lighting your front pane less, will, decrease your need to clean it as often, and it might even eliminate the need for a razor and its ugly accidental scratching. and the front pane is the one that counts on both these issues!
Tilt my reef lights – Yes or NO (2POVs)

PRO list to not titlting my lights!

  1. Better durability of mechanical ventilation. No matter how well chosen your light’s fans are, tilting them will cause them to malfunction sooner that the would straight.
  2. Better management of humidity if the lights are not waterproof. Lots of lights are not. Almost all.
  3. Measurements of PAR from companies like BRS are always about not tilted lights.
  4. It is easier to place them so, and you have more choice in brackets, hanging kits, and tank covers that might include your lights.
  5. Some lights cannot be used in any other way. Especially lights that are included in your canopy.
Tilt my reef lights – Yes or NO (2POVs)

soon more analysis

comment below to spark more ideas!

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