waterbox 220.6

Waterbox 220.6 – First look

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2 mins read

My tank!

Well this was a journey for me. I looked at alot of different solutions. ALOT. I asked for informed opinions, and I finally ended up to a single choice. Red sea reefer 750 or waterbox 220.6.

waterbox 220.6The plumbing and the look was a bit better on waterbox, but Red sea in my mind was a better company…. until I saw the horror stories.

For me the true horror was the “kit” that red sea sent to people to fix the defective product by themselves! That made my choice, and after a few more last minute efforts to get a Greek made one (more expensive and much worse looks), I got the Waterbox.

In Greece there is only one guy that brought the thing… and it looked like a one guy operation. The site was down, the offices had an A4 printed with the name, and the street view was…. nothing, plain. Since then he hired people, has a great site, and the streetview is beautiful!

waterbox 220.6 sumpThe US operation is a bit… weird… but this is only intuition for a really bad working environment (maybe abusive bosses?). The workmanship is great, the finishes are top notch, and the silipone connections -the thing that fails in some red seas- are really confidence inspiring.

The sump is a bit small… I made some changes:

I am using the ATO -the tank on the right- as a fish quarantine and in the future it might be used as a mangrove tank… not sure yet. As the tank of the ATO I am using a plastic barel, 220lt – connected to a Neptune ATO.

I added in the place of the ATO a self made cube 50*50*40cm that I will be using as a frag tank. More on that later , after I manage to connect it without leaks…

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