waterbox or red sea

Chosing between Waterbox, Red Sea and local stores

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5 mins read

This is my story, how I chose Waterbox over other makers.

In January 2021 I decided to treat myself and restart my reef after a nine year break from aquariums.

At this time I had the opportunity to bet what I really wanted and go all out! So, I looked around for the best makers of large aquariums. I ruled out Eos because they were snobbish and too expensive, and I ended up with the choice of Red sea and 3 local makers, one with the great reputation, one that is the largest store and another that was friendly in our first conversation.

First I ruled out the locals, the one with the reputation seemed uninterested in making it (later I found out that he is always too busy, and have to put in an order and wait an indefinite amount of time).

The largest store, is also one that I trust. I had help from them in the past with a DIY lid with LED lights in 2009. They made me professional looking offers (the only ones) and they were expensive. About 30% over in general, but also more expensive in their offer than they are in their site. Also they were iffy about guaranteeing non rust on their metal supports and did not have aluminum or wood supported cabinets.

All the other locals were either too expensive or the same price as Red sea without using low iron panels. The friendly store actualy never gave me an estimate other than it was going to be more expensive than Red Sea.

At that time I posted in forums, I got some advice and some help from the largest aquarium portal in Greece, and the one I like Aquariumlife.gr .  They informed me that Waterbox now has a distributor in Greece, and I should put that in the mix. I did.

The guy that has the store was friendly enough, but without a site and a barebone store I was sceptical. So I went into the US forums. Reef2reef (I left that later for moral reasons) and Humble fish. All I got there was a fear for Red sea tanks not being sound. Real horror stories , and a company that sent out DIY kits to fix clear warrantee problems that should replace the tank.

So I was left with Waterbox. There were no online issues with their seams, which meant that they dealt with problems swiftly and customers with problems did not see a reason to complain, or there are no problems. Their plumbing was exceptional, truly amazing. There were 2 issues. One was that the aluminum stand was only for tanks that did not fit my dimensions, and second, there was a feeling I got from their videos. A dread in the eyes of their employees.   I had not found any other evidence that there is a toxic environment in the company, so I bit the bullet of a wooden support and got the 200.6 tank. The only other evidence I have that there is a toxic environment in that company is the perfection of the tank. I really cannot complain about that though, can I?

The price was amazing and it included a promise of installing everything I bought from them,. Even though I got that in writing, they did not honor it in full…. but still they did some of the work of installing.

In general I am really happy with the quality and the look of the tank. If I were to do it again though I would wait out the local maker with the good reputation and have a tank as I want it, aluminum frame support, shallow and loooong. I might not look as good, but it would be more fun – handsIn.

waterbox or red sea

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